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Pick the Perfect Princess for your Princess Party

Princess in Manchester

The Miracle Sisters

Our most recent Characters to join the MPP Family & currently the most in demand! Book one miracle or double the magic and book 2.. whichever you choose, these Madrigals will be sure to bring your Fiesta to life! 

Princess in Manchester

The Ice Queen

This beautiful and enchanting Queen is very powerful and strong willed. She definitely knows what she wants in life. The Ice Queen will arrive at the party in her elegant icy blue dress and would love to show your little Princesses & Princes her powers to make real snow and how good she is at playing musical statues - she's very good at 'freezing', she's even accidentally frozen her sister before! Oops!

Princess in Manchester

The Snow Princess

The Snow Princess is the most fearless, devoted and caring Princess you'll meet. She enjoys singing, dancing, being silly and eating lots of chocolate too! She will skip gracefully in to the party in her beautiful gown. She will show the guests Princess & Prince etiquette, how to pull silly faces for photo opportunities and play lots of fun games - there may even be time for a snowball fight! She promises to bring your party to life with her bubbly personality, but watch out - she may try to eat all your chocolate!

Manchester Princess Parties

Princess Beauty

The Beautiful Princess is a strong, independent character who always fights for what she wants, no matter how many people try to get in her way. She always has her nose stuck in a book, and would love to come to your next birthday party and share the tale of how she met and fell in love with the beast! Arriving in her golden gown she will lead all the children on a magical adventure in to the tales of her past and present, teaching the guests all about the important lessons of kindness, grace and poise that every little princess should know.

Princess Parties Manchester

The Mermaid Princess

This adventurous Princess is always curious about the world of humans, so she would love to be invited to your party and become part of your world. She will arrive in her shimmering sea coloured ball gown and will tell you all about how she got her... whaddya call them...? Oh yeah, FEET! Her perseverence for following her dreams is an inspiration to young girls everywhere. She can't wait to meet you and show you all her thingamabobs, plus her gadgets and gizmos of course.

Princess Parties Manchester

The Arabian Princess

This Sassy Princess loves to share this whole new world with her guests. She loves to be free and enjoys going on adventures. She will enter the room, bringing the magic with her. She will perform her favourite songs and take all of the guests on their own little adventure, so they can find their whole new world.   

Princess Parties Manchester

The Princess with the Glass Slipper

This Classical Princess is the perfect role model - she is very optimistic, and has the ability to never lose sight of her hopes and goals, even when others around her try to bring her down. Her heart is filled with kindness, which you will see when she arrives at your party. All the guests at your ball will be in awe when this fairytale character comes to visit, it will be as if she stepped right off the pages of your favourite storybook. She will travel in to her magical dreams and take all the guests with her.

Princess Parties Manchester

The Frog Princess

Our most relatable Princess by far, who worked 2 jobs, working incredibly hard to follow her dreams and always pushed on in the face of adversity. This Princess reminds us that all of our dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them. She will bring so much happiness to your party as well as teaching some very valuable life lessons - her dress also has a huge WOW factor.

Princess Parties Manchester

The Tower Princess

This golden haired Princess finds joy in the every day details of life. She loves to explore the outside world and takes pleasure in telling the stories of her life to all of the guests. Singing, dancing and magic, are her favourite activities! The magic of the visit will live on in the minds of your children for years to come.

Princess Parties Manchester


This sweet but sassy fairy brings lots of fun to any party or event! She goes on many wonderful adventures, and takes her pixie dust with her wherever she goes. Pixiebell will prance in to the room jumping and twirling, getting everyone in the mood for a fun filled party! Why not join her and let her take your children on an adventure in to their wildest imaginations, that they will never ever forget.

Princess Parties Manchester

River Rainbow the Unicorn Princess

This fun, unique Princess just loves to bring happiness to each and every party. She is the most colourful Princess around and she brings the rainbow to every party that she attends!

Manchester Princess

The Sleeping Princess

This dreamy Princess is very mature, noble and sophisticated. When she's not getting her beauty sleep in the castle, you'll find her talking with the animals, or strolling through the forest, gracefully making her way to the party in her beautiful, floaty dress. She has lots of tales to tell and each tale will teach all of the guests about kindness, patience and dreams. She loves to sing, dance and teach all of her guests the Princess & Prince Promise.

Manchester Princess Parties

The Tooth Fairy

This sweet little Fairy, attends last minute visits and is a great hit for the 'first tooth' visit! She will pay your little one a visit, soon after they have lost their first tooth and will bring a 'tooth cushion' as a keepsake for when their other teeth fall out! As well as making a magical wish with the fairy dust, she will also explain to your little one, how to clean their teeth properly (and of course every child will listen to the Tooth Fairy!

Manchester Princess Parties

Fashion Doll

She's chic, she's stylish, she's classy & will be joining us, to make your child's party super fun & in style!  Parties with our Fashionable Doll, will also include a special inspired Barbie catwalk!

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